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How Quickly Does Market Survey Data Change?

How Quickly Does Market Survey Data Change (1)

Real quick–we’re talking multiple times a day. 

Success demands mastery over ever-shifting market dynamics. With private data usage driving legal landscape changes, coupled with economic conditions and a competitive environment, revenue teams must be vigilant in their market survey data to yield maximum results. 

Rents, concessions, apartment availability–these data points and more are constantly updated to reflect what’s currently happening within property management software. 

Outdated methods are holding you back. On-site teams continuing traditional methods, or using risky rent-optimized software, are burdened with error-prone and cumbersome processes that can’t possibly keep pace with changes to competitor leasing. 

Revolutionize your property performance with AI and public data. Modern market surveys use automation and public data to inform decision-making. Here’s how AI helps revenue teams enhance property performance and market knowledge. 

  1. Access publicly-sourced pricing and concession data in real-time to track competition price and inventory movement
  2. Accelerate workflows by returning accurate property-website data every day 
  3. Expand market visibility by gathering property insights locally and nationally
  4. Pick up granular apartment details that would otherwise be near-impossible to get with comp calling, including days on the market, NER, and date available. 

With how quickly market survey data can change, revenue and leasing teams need a fast hands-off approach to comp intelligence. Leadership depends on accurate and risk-free data to make strategic pricing decisions. 

Modern market surveys are agile for team workflows that provide precise data in real-time. Using public data and AI, ApartmentIQ organizes and presents property and unit data clearly so you can understand the competition at a glance and remain competitive. There are no pricing recommendations, no third-party data, no legality stress–just accurate and compliant data to maximize revenue.